Irrigation with Pure Icelandic Drinking Water

We use Icelandic drinking water for our production—water that is purer than most bottled water. In Iceland, water reservoirs are constantly being replenished with rainwater that filters through layers of volcanic rock. The filtering process is a natural cycle that takes approximately ten thousand years to complete. As a result, Icelandic drinking water contains few soluble minerals and is known for quality around the world, making it an export commodity on its own.

100% Renewable Hydroelectricity

Iceland is a worldwide leader in the production of renewable energy. To power our greenhouses we use internationally certified 100% renewable hydroelectricity. In addition to our use of sustainable power the low temperatures in Iceland allow us to use external air for cooling purposes during the growing period, which further reduces cost and minimizes the environmental impact.

Icelandic Nature and Geography

Icelandic nature is mostly untouched. With a population of 350.000 living on 103.000 square kilometers, Iceland is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world. Low levels of pollution make Iceland uniquely suited to grow pure, highquality produce. Also, Iceland is geographically positioned between the US and Europe, providing short routes to vast consumer markets.