Our first brand – Nordic Wasabi

Jurt has chosen the ‘hardest plant to grow’ as our first product, the highly sought after fresh wasabi, which is used in Japanese and fusion cuisine. We have branded it Nordic Wasabi.

With Nordic Wasabi, we are in fact exporting water. Why? Because it takes several thousand liters of water to grow one kilogram of fresh wasabi. Thankfully, growing wasabi in Iceland does not diminish internal water resources. According to the World Bank, Iceland holds the top spot for renewable internal freshwater resources per capita. That is why it makes more sense to grow fresh wasabi in Iceland rather than in dry areas around the world where farming competes with the human population for water.

Fresh wasabi is in high demand in Europe and the USA, thanks to its unique flavor. It is traditionally served with sushi and noodles but is increasingly being used in more experimental ways, with steak, ice cream, and even for brewing beer.

Please visit the Nordic Wasabi page for more information